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Welcome to Sardo Numspa's Erotic Visions

The art of erotic sexual fantasy.

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"Dana and Charlie"

Dana & Charlie

Date: June 27, 2008
Images: 12
Commentary: Dana and Charlie in the throws of lust

Thank you for visiting. I humbly submit to you my erotic musings that cover a broad range of themes including erotic, romantic, sci-fi/fantasy, bondage, and fetish subjects, frequently by viewer's requests. If I were to summarize my art work, it would be "the art of sensuous intimacy." My work is strongly influenced by a desire to respectfully convey a woman who is self confident in her sexuality and exercises that confidence for herself and her partner. I also strive to convey the pleasure and joy in this intimate journey. As for other artists, my inspiration is taken from the likes of Luis Royo, Alberto Vargas, Boris Vallejo, Barbara Jensen, and the late, Drew Posada, to name a few.

I assume you're here because you enjoy sharing in my vision and I bow to you, my loyal fans. While you're here, I invite you to browse through the galleries and bookmark the site to come back to see new erotic art sets when they're published.

In the meantime, enjoy.

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DireLilith is a fabulous writer of erotic stories. She generously applied her talents and came up with a couple hot stories to match some of my previous sets. Be sure to take a look in the Members' Galleries.

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